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To Fast or Not to Fast

There are many different types of fasting, ranging in duration from several hours to several days, from low-calorie to zero-calorie.


The reason I fast is mainly for my Gut Health. I have stomach problems and have never, truly, been able to pinpoint the cause. Doctors can't even find the root cause. I had my gall bladder out, take acid reflux medication and trying to figure out my trigger foods and drinks. Another big reason, I needed a break from alcohol.

The 5- Day Fast I do is called Caloric Liquid Fast or CLF.

How to Do It

A Caloric Liquid Fast (CLF) involves consuming only low-calorie liquids such as bone broth, fatty coffee, low sugar green juice or smoothies, in addition to non-caloric beverages like water, coffee, and tea. You reap many health benefits, most notably for digestion and gut health.


This type of fasting can typically be done safely for anywhere between 24 hours and several days, although 3-5 days are most common.

Why It Works

Many of the liquids listed here, including bone broth and coffee, have beneficial and soothing effects on the gut. This really provides a "vacation" for the digestive tract, this type of fast can have a potent effect on the strength of your gut flora and digestion. If you do a CLF with juice or smoothies, they should be extremely low in sugar to keep blood glucose stable during the fast. Juice and smoothies should be primarily composed of vegetables, water, healthy fats like coconut and avocado, and low sugar fruits like berries.

My Fasting Journey

This is the secod time I have done a CLF fast. I have a cup of bone broth for each meal. I drink a lot of water along with coffee and tea.

My Husband bought me some amazing teas to help with cravings. Do not add anything to your coffee or tea. Just add a couple shakes of sea salt to your broth for electrolytes, it helps with fogginess of the brain.

My fasting schedule is Monday - Friday. It is hard to stay away from food on weekends.


Motivation is the biggest part. I was very hungry on the first day. Every half hour I drank 5 gulps of water to help flush out my system and it made me feel full. The first day was tough, so I went to bed early to shield myself from the kitchen.


I woke up very hungry and bone broth did not sound all that appetizing for Breakfast. Coffee helped and I was still pretty motivated. Some brain fog hit me in the Afternoon and I had a slight headache. Watching TV that night I realized how much food is involved in all commercials and shows I watch. I found it funny, but also salivated a little.


This was the toughest day. I woke feeling very sick. I had flu like symptoms, bone chills, nausea and I didn't want to "eat" anything. I didn't even have coffee or bone broth that morning. I was also very thirsty, so I drank a lot of water. I wanted to throw in the towel and just go back to bed, but I had obligations. By 10am I was feeling much better and had my cup of bone broth with some sea salt to bring my electrolytes back up. I had lack of energy, but I took a walk during lunch to get some fresh air. That night I was still very hungry, but this is all about will power and determination.


This day was very much like Day 1. Still hungry and a little foggy, but I didn't feel sick. I continued the routine. I knew that after this day there was only one more day to go! I had this!


Still had brain fog and very hungry, which surprised me. This was a tough day. I knew it was the last. I had gotten this far, right? A snack or a glass of wine wouldn't hurt. It would have been very easy to break it a little early, but I didn't. To conquer that feeling I weighed myself. At that point I had lost about 9 pounds, mostly water weight. I thought if I stuck it out I may lose another pound overnight. That helped a lot.

Breaking the Fast on Saturday

When I woke up I was a scared that some food would do my stomach in and I would be sick right away. First, I had some coffee with Stevia. When I got up the courage, I ate 2 scrambled eggs and a mandarin orange to start. Everything went fine. BEST BREAKFAST I HAVE EVER HAD! At that point I was pretty unmotivated and had a slow brain. As the day went on I got more and more energy. By the end of the day I had painted our guestroom from 10am to 5:30pm. I took a couple of breaks, but I just cranked up the tunes and danced while I finished a major house project. And, yes, I had lost another pound overnight.

Long Fast Short

I am writing this Blog early Sunday morning and I feel great!!!! The payoff is the best part. It's a reset for my body and brain. This will be a yearly winter fast. A summer fast would be really hard, because I love working outside and I don't think I could do yard work while on a fast.

Now, I have reset my brain to get back on that treadmill and throw in some Yoga during my lunch hour.

There are other, shorter or longer, fasts out there. Find what works for you and own it!

Side Note

My husband was motivated to give up alcohol for the week. That helped me to stick to it and he lost 4 pounds! He has always supported me with this Journey.

I hope I provided some motivation. If you have any questions I do have fasting guide I can send it to you. It includes everything you need to know about about the different types of fasts. I am not selling anything, I am just sharing. I believe if you have knowledge that you can pass on, you should.

Have a fantastic week.

I will talk to you soon.


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