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Today I turned 50. Shouldn't that be enough for my first blog? I feel I need to marinate on this fact a little. I never thought I would reach this age so quickly. It doesn't feel like it took 50 years to get here.

So, let's start with what makes people happy. For some, that is a really tough question. I was confused about what made me happy, but I felt I should have been. My friends and listeners thought I had the coolest job in the world. Meeting rock stars, partying all the time, getting free stuff and only working 5 hours a day. That was completely untrue about the hours, the rock stars and free stuff was a great perk. I hardly ever wanted to get up and go to work, so I gave up my career of 27 years. Radio gave me a lot of experiences - good and bad. The best thing is that I met my Husband, Donnie Dodge. Don't get me wrong, I loved being on the radio, programming music and interacting with listeners.

To this day, Radio haunts me. I think about it constantly, even dream about it once a week. The dreams involve my decision to leave Z92 in Omaha. The Morning Rock, a morning show I was part of in Cedar Rapids, is a frequent theme of my dreams.

For the past 19 years I was On Air during the Lunch Hour. My favorite part was getting requests and putting together a themed playlist.

That's it.... Music is a huge passion of mine. 2nd to my Husband, MUSIC MAKES ME HAPPY.

I'm going to scratch that radio itch and involve an audience with Dol's Top Ten List. A weekly themed list of songs we all know and love. Celebrating my happiness with you. I will introduce you to some you've never heard before or help you rediscover favorites that radio has forgotten.

My office has been set up with a Behringer mixing board and 4 microphones. Why? My Husband, Donnie, is going to join me for a weekly podcast. I have been trying to convince him to do a podcast with me for a very long time. Our goals are to have you laugh with us, laugh at yourself and laugh at the world around you. We all need to be able to turn off our brains and just enjoy ourselves. We hope to entertain and inform you without politics or religion.

Where are my Weekend Warriors? I am with you! Working 40 or more hours a week can be a challenge.

You know as well as I do how hard it is to maintain a home, cook meals and participate in family activities. When do people get the time to exercise? That is something I struggle with, but really want to tackle. Hoping to find something that I can share with you and all of the little life hacks I have discovered.

Even with life being as busy as it is, everyone should have a hobby. Mine is essential oils and natural products. This is a craft that I am very proud of. First of all, I don't sell anything, I just make products for my home, family and friends. There are many things I have replaced in our home not only to save money, but to get rid of some unnecessary chemicals. I create products ranging from Arthritis formulas to Toothpaste.

Here's how it all the past I used Febreze Fabric Refresher constantly. I "febrezed" my bed, couches, carpet, etc. One day I sat down and read the ingredients. What is "Anisaldehyde" and "Didecyldimonium Chloride?" There are 36 ingredients! That motivated me to look up a recipe online. Come to find out I could make it with only three ingredients! Water, baking soda and 10-15 drops of a single essential oil or blend.

That Christmas I gave each of my family members a spray bottle, essential oil (they chose from a variety of scents) and the recipe for Homemade Febreze. The pleasure I saw on their faces motivated me to really make changes in my home.

My goal with this Blog is to tell funny stories, give advice and pass on recipes for your home, body and stomach. If you have any questions or comments it's I would love to know about your interests. Make sure to sign up for my emails that will contain information on new recipes, blogs and our podcasts.

My name is Jessica Dol and this is my Blog "Dol of All Trades."

Thank you for reading! Talk with you again next week!


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