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How To Keep it Simple?


Hobbies can be very expensive. Essential Oils are probably the most expensive non-essential products I have ever purchased. I say non-essential because I could do without them, but now that I have been making natural products for our home - I don't want to stop. In the long run, I am saving money for our household, especially if I buy in bulk.

Here are a couple of ways that have helped with the cost of my supplies.

The first is They send me the most invitations for surveys. They offer great incentives and I tend to qualify for most that they send me. I cash out my rewards for Amazon gift cards. Privacy is a big concern, but I have never received unsolicited emails or calls because of this company.

The second I use is Not only are there great surveys to take, but you can buy online by clicking through their site first. It's all the well known companies you shop already and you can get coupon codes. You get points for every dollar spent. There is another way to double the perks. If you are a rewards member for any of the sites you regularly use and click through MyPoints - you are getting points from both sites. It's win win!

Christmas last year, I didn't spend any actual money on presents for my family. I used all the gift cards I had accumulated from just these two websites.

There is one con. It takes up time you may feel you don't have. I do surveys while I am watching television or if I have some unexpected down time.


The cost was the reason that I started out with simple recipes for my home. I didn't want to over buy or buy products I would end up wasting. Last week I posted my Homemade Febreze recipe that has only 3 ingredients and this week it is my recipe for Foaming Hand Soap. It is really easy to make and is also only has 3 ingredients!

This is my go to when I want to make a quick gift for family and friends. One of my favorite oil blends is Mint and Rosemary. Check out the recipe and oil blends here.


Does anyone else have problems with the caulk in your shower turning orange? It drives me crazy. Scrubbing the bathtub is one of my least favorite chores.

Luckily I came across one of the best cleaning hacks ever!

Grab yourself a dryer sheet. It can be brand new or used. Get it wet and scrub away! You will be amazed at how easy it is to rub away the soap rings and it makes the bathroom smell great! I use wool balls in the dryer, but I still buy dryer sheets to clean my shower. It didn't seem to matter if they were a brand name or store brand.


I received an amazing Birthday card from my Niece. This was my 50th Birthday so she wrote 50 things she loves about me. Not going to lie, I teared up. She and I think alike because I carry a list in my Day Planner that is all the things I love about my Husband. When I miss him or when he is getting on my nerves - haha - I look at this list to remind me of all of the reasons I fell in love with him. It really puts the small things in perspective. Yes, he used my decorative towel to wipe up a spill that stained it, but he is the best vacation partner (number 10) and treats me like a Princess (number 15.)

Sometimes we all need a reminder of the good things about ourselves and others. It is true, you never know when you will see a person again. Don't let the last time you see them be a bad memory.


It came from a coworker at my current job.

"Live Your Best Life."

I took her advice and starting October 11th, I am going to be working from home as a Payroll Coordinator for a huge company in Omaha.

This will give me more time at home to take care of myself and my family.

That is my best life! I am so lucky and blessed.

I would love to hear what living your best life means to you.

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'Til next week!


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