• Jessica Dol

Don't Forget About Your Mouth

Yep, I make my own toothpaste and mouthwash too. I have always been a devout morning and night brusher.

Hopefully, you don't have a problem with texture. My Husband won't use this toothpaste because he doesn't like the texture. But, I love it.

Re-Mineralizing Toothpaste

3/4 Cup of distilled water, boiling

1/2 tsp. Stevia

1/4 tsp. Cletic Sea Salt

1 TBSP. Coconut Oil

6 TBSPS. Bentonite Clay

2 Drops Thyme Essential Oil

2 Drops Oregano Essential Oil

2 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

2 Drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

2 drops Clove Essential Oil

15 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Combine the boiling water with the coconut oil. Blend in the Stevia and Celtic Sea Salt. Once dissolved stir in the Bentonite Clay (Do not use a metal spoon,) Add more water for a smoother paste. Add essential oils. Put mixture into a mason jar.

This is what's tough about it, you need to dip your toothbrush into the jar to get the toothpaste. So, I suggest one jar per person. It lasts a while so you can divide up this recipe.



I follow it up with a really simple Mouthwash. It's not sweet, but I love the taste and it is so refreshing.


8 Oz. Distilled Water

2 Drops Myrrh Essential Oil

2 Drops Tea Tree Oil

2 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

I reuse bottles that I have used in the past - so any old mouthwash bottles are great to use for this recipe.

Happy Brushing!

'Til next week.


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