Foaming Hand Soap is a staple in our household.  Very easy to make and only 3 ingredients.  Makes a great gift for family and friends.

Supplies & Ingredients

Castile Soap (I use Dr. Bronners)

Essential Oils

Distilled Water 

Hand Soap Bottle with Foaming Pump


Pour Castile Soap to fill 1/4 of the Bottle (this one has really held up well.

Put in 20 drops of essential oils of your choice.  I have some blends suggested below.

Fill the bottle with distilled water to about 1 inch below the top.

Shake and pump!

Suggested Oil Blends

-10 Drops Peppermint + 10 Drops Rosemary

-10 Drops of Spearmint + 15 drops Cedarwood (This is the one we use in our bathroom.)

-15 Drops Lemon + 10 Drops Basil

-15 Drops Lemon +15 Drops Lime (This is the one we use in our kitchen.)

-15 Drops Pink Grapefruit + 8 Drops Peppermint

If you are wondering where to get safe essential oils I buy mine here.

Hope you enjoy this super easy recipe.

If you have any oil blends suggestions I would love to know your favorite!