Arthritis Pain Relief Mix

Herbal Oils

Containers You Need:

5 ml colored glass Dropper Bottle (I use these.)

1 ounce colored glass Dropper Bottle (These are great!)

Essential Oils:

Cypress: 20 Drops

Sweet Marjoram: 20 Drops

Ylang Ylang: 20 Drops

Peppermint: 20 Drops

Black Pepper: 10 Drops

Ginger: 10 Drops


Put all of these essential oils into 5 ml bottle and shake vigorously to thoroughly blend.  Allow to sit for 8 hours before using.

Add 20 drops of the blend to the 1 ounce bottle full of your favorite carrier oil.  Our favorite oils to use are fractionated coconut oil or almond oil.  Shake well to disperse the oils.  Apply a few drops and massage in to relieve the pain.

*One way to check quality of your essential oils is to make sure the botanical name is on the label.  For example Cedarwood is Cedrus atlantica.  It is easy to look up the botanical name online.